Fresh out of the steppes

Мне 23 и я себя ище ищю

'Granddad has a swagger' is such good title for a short story

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my stepdad

I did like his taste in music but not his collections of dead butterflies

Life after a trauma.

For a while I didn’t know what was going on. I felt weird. I was in panic. I was restless. As time passed by I fell into depression. Then I became very angry. 
And I started looking for solutions. I did therapy and it didn’t work. I tried yoga but it was ridiculous in my eyes. I sang, at first without emotions then evolving into understanding of words and just feeling better and learning to enjoy music.
I worked until I forgot. I tried to sleep enough and eat well.
After seven years I was able to speak about the traumatic events and recognize the severity of that life. 
After seven years I am still struggling with the past and it is a step a time. 
But I’ll try. I won’t give on myself. I love myself and I deserve the best.

I am a survivor and it is my life.