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I'm a very shy Aries, some moon or the sun is doing something with another sign                                                                Мне 23 и я себя ище ищю

I don’t who talk to about PTSD. My family doesn’t take me serious.
I tried medical help but it didn’t work. What do I do? Each day I feel more and more exhausted of myself. I have suicidal thoughts. Nobody cares;

Anonymous asked: i was diagnosed lasst with my mothert year at either 15 or 16, i cant remember. i wanted to ask for opinions, or possibly advice. ive had a violent past with my mother (whom is my abuser), both emotional and physical. I stopped living with her @ 14, and now at almost 17 im on medicine, i thought i was getting somewhere, i have a girlfriend and a somewhat solid family relationship. but lately ive been panicking more and more, even broken down on my girlfriend several nights in a row. (1/2?)


(2/2?) and it makes me feel guilty because i really wish i could avoid it. right now were at her familys place,which is in another country,and its only her mothers side which makes me very nervous even though were not even staying a week. its only my girlfriend that knows i have ptsd. i feel very bad because im panicking so constantly,but im really trying my hardest to keep my cool around her family and her and with my fluctuating emotions, but i keep breaking down anyway. is it bad/wrong of me?

It is not bad or wrong of you at all. It is normal to have breakdowns when triggered. With recovery, you can take steps backwards, and that is okay. Your girlfriend knows about your PTSD, so can you try talking to her about it? Maybe the two of you could get out of the house for a bit?

Just keep breathing and remember that you are going to be okay xx

possibilityofliving asked: Hey, I'm kinda starting this new relationship and I'm having such a hard time deciding when it's "acceptable" to tell them when I've had a flashback. I only feel like I should when it's absolutely necessary or if I need to ask them to change their behavior in the future. Otherwise I feel like I'm burdening them unnecessarily. Any suggestions? Thanks!


It’s acceptable to tell them whenever you feel comfortable doing so, and whenever you want to. If you need them to change their behaviour around it then I would definitely recommend telling them that you had a flashback and what they can do in the future.

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