(Re)Fresh out of the steppes

I'm a very shy Aries, some moon or the sun is doing something with another sign                                                                Мне 23 и я себя ище ищю

Traveling is good. Traveling is to see how other people live. Traveling is finding out that life has many paths. Traveling is meeting people better than you, worse than you. Traveling is looking at the diversity of the world. There are not many possibilities, only the ones that come into your life. There are your possibilities. You can’t do or be all. You can be what you can be. It is only when you understand that and say I want other possibilities that you can act upon. That is when you are creating your own life. So all I want to say is that traveling is a good way to get to know yourself.

Chocolate wardrobe

It was so huge. So deliciously looking. I could eat it all. But I was only given one piece. Taken from the carved piece above the door. 
My first and the last taste of the chocolate wardrobe. image